Simple news template short tutorial...

This template have four menu navigation. Two nav in top and bottom page, and two nav in bottom of header page. tree nav will be otomatic show when you use this template, and one off them, needed to add in your page element. First, open your blogger ID. open page element and add new page with HTML/Java script. Last step, input code below :

<!-- change link with your link -->
<div class="menu-solid">
<a href="" title="back to front page">@ Home</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">Link1</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">Link2</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">Link3</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">Link4</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">Link5</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">Link6</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">Link7</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">RSS Post</a>

<a href="" title="type your link here">RSS Comments</a>

</div> <!-- end menu solid -->

Save your template. Now, open lets see your template.
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Who am I?

I was born and grow up in a small countryside in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Precisely in sub-province soppeng, the town dubbed with bat. So, soppeng always call, “the bat city”. I was born precisely on friday, 11 september 1981. My education, from Elementary school until high school, I was finished in my birth city. After passing my education in high school, I then continue my school in university. So i choose to deepen the law science, precisely in hasanuddin university, makassar.
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Simple News Template

Simple News Template, is one of blogger template. This template created by herdiansyah hamzah. i try so hard for make this template, because i have to learn created by my own self. everyone is my teacher, so i dedicated this template for averybody who likes this template. i release, this template not so perfect, needed more reconstruction to make it better. and the answer is only one keyword, learning, learning, and learning...
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Nama samaran, aslinya Herdiansyah alias Herdi alias Hamzah alias Castro alias...(allaaaa, kae terorisme aja pake alias2an segala...he..3x). Seseorang yang baru belajar ngeBlog dan penuh dengan rasa ingin tau tentang segala sesuatu terkait dengan blog...